Sauteed Mushroom Recipe


Sauteed Mushroom Recipe:

Sautéing cubes sear the outsides to a charming and flavourful brown meanwhile keeping the insides juicy. Here is some of the simple way of preparing "Sauteed Mushroom Recipe". You need to wash mushrooms and boil it for just few minutes them remove from flame and rinse the water. Then take each mushroom and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Now cut the mushroom into thick slices and keep aside to cool down.

Then in a pan take 2 tbsp of oil and when the oil get heated up then slowly keep the slices of mushroom one by one with your hand. Then once the mushroom changes its colour turn on the other side and when both the side are done remove it from the pan.

1."Sauteed Mushroom Recipe" is ready now if you want you can just serve the mushroom by sprinkling little salt and pepper and can consume directly.

2. If you want to add little texture serve as snakes at tea time you can spread this on garlic bread and with a dot of cream on it.

3. You can even make curry out of "Sauteed Mushroom Recipe". You just need to take 2 tomato’s and cut it into 4 pieces and in a pan with few drops of oil and then saute those tomato’s till it get softer and let it cool down .then once it chill out grand the tomato’s to a thick paste. 

4. Now just add little salt and red chilli powder according to your taste and mix it well and keep the mixture in a pan and let it just heat up and now once it start losing oil pour the slices of sauteed mushrooms and let it cook till the mushroom get involved in the tomato puree.

5) Then just close the stove and serve it hot.

Thus sauteed mushrooms can be served "Sauteed Mushroom Recipe" in verities of ways.


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