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How to Download YouTube Videos Mp4

In the last few posts we have seen how we can download the YouTube Videos from the web to your computer just adding a simple SS tag in front of the URL,now we look at how we can separate the particular video according the format wise ,let me make you clear its our wish to download the favourite video what we want and adding to this we also want the target format of the video to download this is because our mobile/Phone may support only mp3 format of the video or you want particularly MP4 format of the video to download,so this is the post regarding how you can download YouTube videos in Mp4 Format.

As we seen there is app to download YouTube videos to Android phone and another app to download in I phone case and there is a option in the respectively so there is well documented process of Downloading Mp4 YouTube vidoes. What if the case is if we are using computer or mac that is also very very simple the process is very much same when we read about how we can download YouTube videos to our computer.

Process of Downloading Youtube Videos In Mp4 Format.

1)Just open the

2)search your required  YouTube video in your browser(may be chrome)\

3)if this is your YouTube video link -- 
4)Add 'ss' in front of YouTube in the url just like --

5)Just press enter and you will get download option click on the download option

6)And our main aim is to download the video in Mp4 so observe there is a option to select the format just use the drop down bar to set the output video in MP4 format and continue for download

7)That simple it was the final  video downloaded on your computer is in Mp4 format.

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