Best Compliments To Give A Girl,Top 10 Compliments to Girl


Best Compliments To Give A Girl:

I Think this is most common for a boy hidden in his heart about his girl that how he impress his girl and there are many tips and tricks you can follow for that and some of the best tips and suggestions are here for you to impress your girl this day.And these are the top 10 tips to impress a girl at school

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It is most common for a boy at his youth to have a girl friend and try to impress her in many good ways for that you need to give some best compliments to your girl,so let us discuss some of the Best Compliments To Give A Girl

Some of the best compliments to give a girl are :

1)First when we talk to a girl we look at her face and in particularly her eyes talk about her eyes specially and specifically Compliment about her eyes that you never seen such a attractive before in your life or something like this say "your eyes speaking a lot to me" but don't ever give a impression like your are flirting with her.

2)girls like to hear a lot about themselves and their beauty Usually girls like to praise them but not too over giving a impression just you are stuffing but be natural and simple explain about her inner and outside beauty. If you are trying to Impress a girl on chat read this.

3)Compliment about her Dress :
Just talk about her dress because girls dress up a lot before meeting you so care about the most important they prefer so give away a best compliment about their dress.just say you look very very gorgeous in this dress

4)Compliment about the hair of the girl:
The next and most important thing to a girl is her hair,praise her beauty and hair and compliment a lot about her hair.

5)One of the best compliment you can give to a girl is explain how important she is in your life I couldn't ask for a better mother for my children for this life. 

6)The best time I can have to make feel fly in air is with you ,this is also a best compliment explaining the time you spent with her.

7)As long as im with you i never feel bored i enjoyed time with you.

8)I may not feel happy because of your presence but i will definitely miss a life time friend with your absence.

9)Compliment her personality
Yet another pleasant thing to hear from a man would be about the woman’s personality just compliment her about the physic what she posses,because it makes a lot of difference to you with that girl

10)You are the smartest and sweetest girl I had ever met,just compliment that you are a kind heartened person and best understanding girl.

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