Stuffed Mushroom Recipe


                                    Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Mushroom one of the healthiest food can have you ever realized that it can be so easy to prepare as well. You might have noticed that mushrooms are generally used in cuisines like Italian, Mexican and Chinese. Most popularly mushrooms are used to make soups, pasta and burgers .but today here we are giving mushrooms some Indian touch and spices. So let’s have a look at “Stuffed Mushroom Recipe”

Ingredients for stuffing:
Mushroom 250 grams
Garlic 1 tbsp
Onion 1 finally chopped
Broccoli 1 tbsp
2 tbsp red capsicum
1 tbsp yellow capsicum
1/4 tsp black pepper
Salt to taste
4 tbsp mozzarella cheese

Ingredients for batter:
Refine flour (Maida)-1 cup
Salt to taste
1/2 tbsp black pepper

Method to Prepare: make “Stuffed Mushroom Recipe"Take a pan saute some chopped garlic and let it fries till it leaves its fragrance .then add finally mushrooms steam ,chopped onions and let it get fried for just 2 mints don’t let it over cook.Then quickly add remaining things like broccoli, capsicum and saute on medium heat for 2 min then add salt, black pepper, chopped green chilies and just twist and turn for 2 minutes.Then remove. And once when it cools down a bit add finally grated Mozilla cheese to it mix it and keep aside.

2. Now let us come to batter. Take refine flour add salt to it make a thick batter then add little pepper to it keep it aside. In separate bowl take bread crumbs add little salt to it and Keep it separately. Make a cavity in the mushrooms cap with the help of a small knife and let remove its steam and keep aside.

3. Now take one mushroom fill the cavity of mushroom with the stuffing which we made in the first step and fill the remaining in the same way. Now take two mushrooms and put on each other in such a way that the open end comes on one another and fix it with toothpick.

4. Now dip the stuffed mushroom in the batter and after removing it from the batter role it in bread crumbs and keep it on separate plate. Once all are done.

5. Take a pan and keep oil for deep fry. Check whether the oil is done or not ,once the oil get heated up fry the mushrooms and let it fly till it turns to golden color.Once it changes its color to light golden remove it and place on tissue paper so that the excess oil get absorbed .your Indian style delicious and crispy “Stuffed Mushroom Recipe” is ready to serve.

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