Quick Five Minutes Strawberry Cake


Quick Five Minutes Strawberry Cake

When some time unwanted guest arrives you will be always in a hurry what to serve. So here are the some awesome and tasty recipes to make your guest happy. Quick Five Minutes Strawberry Cake which you can prepare and serve your guest with in no time.


2 cup brie (softened)
3 table spoon cheese cream
3 tablespoon graded sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 cups sliced fresh strawberry
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup crushed almond
1/4 cup cashew nuts & walnuts
2 tablespoon honey


>In a bowl soften the brie cheese, cream cheese, lemon juice, powdered sugar and blend it in electronic mixture or blender until it turns into soft smooth paste.

>Now take some beautiful parfait glasses and place one layer of with strawberry and then another layer with cream mixture and again one more layer with strawberry.

> At last season it with little honey.

>Place the glasses in freezer and let it set which will take about an hour.

>Serve it directly from the freezer.

Yummy, cool and Quick Five Minutes Strawberry Cake is ready.

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