Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally


Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally

 Sun tan is a very big problem for the one who get expose to sun every day. Sun tan makes your skin look dull and dark. How fair you may be sun tan gives make you look dark. As is not possible
to go to parlor every alternate day and spend lot of money for face clean up or facial. So here are the best tips to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally and also save your money and time.

1. First step is cleansing milk. You can find this in every cosmetic store. In a bowl take cleansing milk and with the help of cotton apply all over you hand and face. Massage for about a minute.
Then wash with warm water. This helps to remove all the dirt and blackness in your skin and milk make your skin soft and lightens your skin color.

2. You can try out homemade natural scrub to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally. Al you need is brown sugar, if brown sugar is not available to can go with white sugar also. Take two tablespoon of
brown sugar and squeeze half lemon juice into it mix it and now apply this mixture on your hands and also to your face scrub it in circular motion for about a minute and rinse with warm water and
pat dry with a towel. This will remove your dead skin cells and rough tan and your skin tone. As lemon juice contain bleaching properties it will very good for skin.

3. You need to make a homemade face pack which helps to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally and leaves your skin soft and moist. Take gram flour and Fuller's Earth (Multani mitti) powder in equal
quantity and add half a cup of cucumber juice and mix it well. Apply this pack on your face directly with your hand and leave it till it gets dried up. Once the pack get fully dried you can wash
it off with warm water and with the help of soft cotton cloth pat dry your face.

4. You can use simply rose water and apply all over your skin with cotton and let be for overnight. And wash your face in the morning with Luke warm water. This brings shine in your skin
 and make your skin Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally.

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