Satya Nadella And Modi Meeting Highlights


Satya Nadella And Modi Meeting Highlights:

what is the latest updated news from SAN JOSE and silicon valley Satya Nadella spoke a few words about India and their execution plans which are going to happen very soon as He progressed  Intending to become a partner in the ambitious Digital India programme,the programme brings a very nice impact on Indian economy  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today said his company will take low-cost broadband technology to some five lakh villages across the country.This is quite a intersesting news about Satya Nadella.

May be on behalf of the Micorsoft company Satya Nadella Spoke at a dinner which happened in San Jose in the honour of visiting Indian Prime Minister Respected  Narendra Modi, Mr Nadella said that Microsoft wants to make things and make things happen about the ambitious Digital India programme.

The main motive and message of Satya Nadella speech on India is to  bring in low-cost broadband connectivity to 500,000 villages in India.Let us see the words of Him "We believe that low-cost broadband connectivity coupled with the scale of cloud computing intelligence that can be harnessed from data can help drive creativity, efficiency and productivity across governments and businesses of all sizes," the first Indian-American Microsoft CEO said.

And finally He said that by next week Microsoft would announce availability of its cloud services operating out of India's data centers. "This is a big milestone and very good news from Satya Nadella ,"."A key part of both Make in India and Digital India, bringing world class infrastructure into India, respecting India's digital security, sovereignty and privacy is a key milestone for us," Mr Nadella said.And in the meanwhile speaking to a news channel, Mr Nadella said that India is in a great spot with "world class entrepreneurs and human capital".

India can "leapfrog" in the technology infrastructure space to drive the next level of productivity , efficiency and creativity for Indian government is a big assest , businesses and consumers, He said.

Let us See what Satya Nadella Spoke about Narendra Modi:
"Narendra Modi's vision is absolutely right and I think he is pushing the right agenda," he added.Just by telling an  example, Nadella said Microsoft is working with the Andhra Pradesh government to take the enrolment data of schools and using machine learning to understand which students and schools have higher dropout rates.

Let Us Hear What Narender Modi Spoke at dinner Event at San Jose:

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