International Film Festival Of Kerala


International Film Festival of Kerala:    

 The International Film Festival of  Kerala is held annually at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.  Was first started in 1996 and is introduced by the Academy. This is very famous and prominent as it is known for choosing the movies which is unique and exclusively the films which are not broadcast ed in other film festivals. The activates involved in this film festival include screening of classic films around the world, conducting group discussions on various topics related to cinema and circulating pamphlets on renounced film makers.

 They also conduct cultural program in which this film society exchange copies of films from annual film makers and committee. This festivals screening was the first to show for the residents of jail and poor home.

Bina Paul could be one of the individual behind the success of this film festival she worked as the artistic director in international film festival of Kerala but unfortunately she has resigned from this post, after serving for 12 years in this field.

"Refugiado" directed by Diego Lerman and produced by Nicolas Avruj based on a mother and her son, both of whom choose a life away from an abusive husband in their house has won the Suwarna Chakoram for the Best Film at the International Film Festival of Kerala.
A Japanese film named “summer, Kyoto” made by Hiroshi Toda, won the Rajatha Chakoram for Best Director. For the best debut direct the award was given to Hossein Shahabi who was from Iran and he also won the Rajatha Chakoram.

Malayalam film “Unto the Dusk” directed by Sajin Babu who won the audience poll seems to be becoming the festival favourite. 
The film had also won the Indian Competition at the recently concluded Bengaluru International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young man who is on a journey driven by philosophical, spiritual and sexual introspection.

This time it would be the 20th international film festival of Kerala, in which a hero of the new wave reaction in Iran in the 1970s, Dariush Mehrjui, director of Iranian films will be honoured mutually the lifetime highlight award at International Film Festival of Kerala. 

Basic objective of the Academy include as a demonstrate of a match between the Government and the film industry, the conducting of Film Festivals all from one end to the other of the State, the stability and propagation of Malayalam Cinema, to interpose in film development, to report the History of Malayalam Cinema and also to honour the persons and films that fund to the aesthetics of Malayalam cinema.

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