Narender Modi Visit to Pakistan,Modi Pak Visit Details


Narender Modi Visit to Pakistan,Modi Pak Visit Details

Pakistan being the neighbor county is not been in a good relationship from past so many decades. The two counties has fought three wars of which two was for Kashmir which was since Independence from British.

Narendra Modi our current prime minister has given a friendly visit to our rival country. This is the very first time happened in Indian history that Indian Prime Minister visited Pakistan and met
there prime Minister. Modi from his visit back from Russia to India mad a stopover at Pakistan. Just when the Prime Minister Modi tweeted that he was looking forward to meeting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday afternoon, users from both countries started expressing their reaction on Twitter. The prime minister posted two separate tweets to Pakistani PM on Friday, one wising him on his birthday and others praised the prime minister's verdict calling it benevolent and welcome and the second tweet was announcing his decision of meeting him way back to Delhi.

Then the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef who at that time was in Kabul was called up Modi. Then Modi informed him about his visit in Lahore. It was said that in this meeting including other issues Kashmir issue was also discussed. And according to the Pakistani Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry the remaining dialogues will be continued by Indian Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyan Jaishankar who is going to visit Islamabad next month.

In New Delhi last year there were talks aiming at easing the rival’s dispute. So for this reason jaishankar also visited earlier this year to Islamabad for his first meeting. This has been proved as
a bold and spontaneous decision by our PM to visit Pakistan. "The India-Pakistan facts of life have profuse difficult issues lingering for decades. It is not an ethereal path ahead. But one and the other leaders are disturbing to hold a civilized equation that bouncel add momentum to the structured practice of idol talks in the future."

Visiting Pakistan is seemed to be a powerful step in developing a good relationship between two countries though the several key issues is still unsolved including Kashmir.

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