Teasing Cats With Laser Light,Funny Cats Videos


Do you Ever Think of Teasing a cat with  Laser Light:

Hey do you have pets in your home??? And let me ask my question clearly do you have a pet cat in your house if you do you ever tease your cat(Just for funny and in a funny way only the intention is not to make the harassment or anything bad to the cat) I think most of us play with our pet animals thus we get lot of fun and happinesses while we play and not only playing with the pet animals we tame we also usually like to tease the pet animals and especially with cats have you ever tried teasting your cat with using a laser light?? i have seen a nice video in which by using a laser light cats are teased a little bit.Below is the video for Teasing cat with laser light

How did you feel after watching this and this video is just for fun if anyone doesn't like teasing their loved pet ones,hahahahah lucky are their pet cats.And this video doesn't encourage anyone to do like this and this funny cat video is for to watch and enjoy.We usually tease our loved ones a lot.