History of Tattoo, Types of Tattoo


History of Tattoo:

A tattoo Words drive from Polynesian word “TA” means striking something and Tahitian word “tatau” which means mark something. The history of the tattoo was already started 5000 years ago. Tattoo has been experienced across the world since Neolithic Period. Tattooing in ancient time was found in 14 Different countries. Martin Hildebrandt was first tattoo artist from the United States of America. Mrs M Steven Wagner was one of the ultimate tattoo ladies that performed in the circus show in 1907. Although tattooing has rapidly raised in popularity since the invention of electric tattoo the machine in the year 1980s.

Kind of Tattoo:
Tattoo have 34 Types namely as wedding ring tattoo, the coordinates of someplace meaningful, Romantic sunset, Evoking a starry Night, Mandala, Flora and natural inspired, something Surrealist, Something religious, Peeking out from an otherwise conservative outfit, An inspirational typography tattoo, Simple armband, A Tiny and subtle tattoo, Hand  Drawn Doodles, A skull, some  mystical finger tats, S.W.A.K, a Straight Line, a city skyline, a travel tattoo, Anything Na, Geometric forearm tattoo, the Triangle, A Compass, Tree/Forest- inspired, singular leaf, Mountains, A cat, A butterfly, A sloth, generally wildlife, Asymmetric geometric Tattoo, His team Number, your favourite Song lyrics.
There is a definite enjoyment if you have an individual image.
A tattoo can be a representative of a person.
When making a tattoo it hurt more because of needle used to draw a tattoo.
The cost of drawing a tattoo is very high.
As the Trend change, we cannot delete or erase the tattoo.
Tattooing on the skin will cause to some major disease in our body.
Tattoo became the craziest thing not only for youth but also old age people. It was attracting both male and female. There are many situation why people do tattoo on their bodies, for example, the religious believer, crazy lover, loss in a relationship etc. Nowadays Tattoos trend have been at the top priority among the people. Tattooing is a kind of art which is designed on human bodies for a long time. As the time pass, the tattooing which you do on our body will fed up. Tattooing on the body sometimes became very dangerous or risk if the skin is sensitive. Tattoo ink is made up of mercury, cadmium, tin and iron. When we do the tattoo on our body tattoo ink normally go into it and that ink is harmful to our body. Actually the tattooing is an ancient idea which nowadays people are following. Recently various rules have been declared by the United States of America regarding the mark of the tattoo as a copyright art form. It was noted that 40 percentage of the young criminal had the tattoo on their bodies as a self-identity with criminal people.