How to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp


How to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp 

Well, as every guy wants a beautiful girl in his life to make her as his girlfriend. They try a lot ways to talk to the girl. We usually find friends in our school, college or neighborhood. Though they are already our friends we don’t have a bigger problem to talk to them. So now here are the few tips which help you to face the problem of  How to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp and carry on a good relationship.Before getting into any further tips first read how to impress a girl in chat.

> After a week or two as she becomes more comfortable with you then ask her about her whatsapp. But don’t run behind her if she denies. Sooner or later she will give.

> When you get her whatsapp try not to call her unnecessarily or ping her in the middle of the night. Give a little space to your relation. This is how you  can Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp. 

> First to try to have a formal chat, the chat just with formal hi, hello, what are you doing, how was your day.

> Then start with some humor and fun, try to send some jokes and funny images so that she become a bit comfortable with you. Always try to quick to reply to her message these make girls happy.

> Try to impress her by keeping some cool DP's and status especially for her. Generally girls get impressed by seeing guys profile.

> When once she is at her ease you can be a little friendly with her. Praise her intelligence her beauty because girls love this.

> Now try to add her in your friend group introduce her with your friend circle. Try to make her as apart for your life.

> Never try to talk about something which irritates her or which make her feel uncomfortable.these are the things to remember when you want to Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp.

> Now at this stage you can try to some pickup lines and some romantic lines make her realize how what special place she has in your life.

> Here is the time where you can ask her for coffee, or dinner or say for a try out these cool things when you wanna Start a Conversation with a Girl on Whatsapp.

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