Best Crispy Fish Recipe


Best Crispy Fish Recipe

Fish is not only tasty and healthy but also Fish it is full of protein and vitamin. It is very important and necessary to have fish once in a week to maintain your health and add nutrients to your diet. So here is the mind bowling and Best Crispy Fish Recipe.

Fish (as per your choice)
Corn bread
Olive oil
Lemon juice & lemon wedges for garnishing
Black pepper
Red chili flakes
Cumin crushed
Mustard powder
Salt to taste.

>Take any fish which you like wash it thoroughly and remove its skin and if possible remove its spurs. Now apply lemon juice and salt and let it marinate for about one or two hours.

>In a large bowl take milk vinegar, mustard and cumin powder and let it set for 15 minutes. This will be needed to coat the fish.

>In a separate bowl mix corn bread or bread crumbs with all other dry ingredients.

>Take a deep pan and pour enough oil for deep fry.

>Now dip fish in milk mixture and then into bread mixture and then deep fry it.

>let it cook till it turns golden brown and garnish it with lemon wedges.

You’re yummy and Best Crispy Fish Dish is ready to serve.

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