How To Use Hair Spray | How to Spray My Hair

How To Use Hair Spray:

If you are in a dilema about how to use hair spray for styling yourself then find the below points that you may apply before going for hair a days hair sprays are available according to the hair types if your hair type is dry then you will get a hair spray that suits it or you want to hold the hair in certain fashion whole day then there are hair sprays available to hold your hair fixed for whole day choose the type of hair spray according to your hair type and the way you want it.

Some Nice tips For Hair Spray:

1)Hold the Hair spray about 10-12 inches distance from your hair.if you want more concentration then you can move little closer to your hair,but it is better to spray from specified distance or according to the caution given on the product.(keep one arm distance from your hair to spread evenly)
2)As many hair sprays contains little alcohol content in them check whether your hair type dry,if so spray only little content that too keeping just away from hair  roots.
3)For those who want to hold or fix your hair you can choose hard hair spray which are specially for hair fixing.

How to Get Hair curly with hair spray(Medium-hold)
4)If your looking for curly hair then first spray a little hair spray then use curly hair iron and after that again spray a little amount,this will keep your hair curly.
5)we can use hair spray when outside weather is  windy or humid.
6)Avoid contact of hair spray to your eyes or other parts of your body better cover your face and then use hair spray
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How To Use Hair Spray
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