What's Special In Iphone 6S


What are the Advanced Features in Apple Iphone 6S:

Every Generation of Iphone we would some special included in the release actually S in the Iphone series may stands for "Something More" or "Something Special" now if we look at the latest release of the Iphone can anyone guess what is the special something in the iPhone 6S?

Here is the Special Feature that included in the Latest Release:

Well, what’s new is not a new look of the phone but apart from  new rose gold colour option (to join silver, space grey and gold), the iPhone 6S looks just like an iPhone 6 except this has an S laser-etched into the back of it.

Force Touch of Iphone 6S:

Force Touch is not new to Apple or the Apple users , but it is new to Apple iPhones users — 
If you’re using an Apple product something like a  Watch or the new Macbook which you have recently bought, pushing hard with your finger to access the next level of menu is called Force Touch. If you do the same action with your finger on the iPhone 6S, it’s called 3D Touch. Call it what ever way you like that may be force touch or hard move, the force is strong with this feature and it has the potential to be as key to the way you use your smartphone as the tap, pinch and swipe.
Push down that little bit harder on the phone icon, and you get a menu with your favourite contacts. Push hard on the camera icon and your menu options include “take selfie” or “take photo”.

It’s not just native Apple apps that incorporate 3D Touch. The catch is, unless you push hard on an app, you don’t know if it has the feel of the force. If it hasn’t been designed with 3D Touch in mind, all you’ll get is a triple-tap feeling of rejection.so definetley there is a nice hard ware connectivity with this force touch option.

Video star
If the jump in megapixels takes the still camera to new levels, the video features of the iPhone 6S get just as great a promotion.
Go into settings and you can set your video recording at a basic 720p HD at 30 frames per second up to 4K at 30 frames per second, while there is a new slow-mo option of 1080p HD at 120 frames per second or choose less definition but with a higher frame rate at 240 frames per second.
The addition of a 4K video mode is reassuring for those who want to future-proof their family photos. Also, in the settings you see a guide of how much space each format takes up — if you want to shoot the entire school play, maybe 4K is not the best option in terms of memory. Time lapse has a new stabiliser feature, so you’ll get less bumps when you turn that rather boring 20 minute walk into a quick few minutes of time lapse video. Unfortunately, optical image stabilisation is still a feature that is just on the iPhone 6S Plus. With all this video, iMovie gets an update and you can edit your 4K video on your phone.

iOS9 of Iphone 6S:
Whether they upgrade their hardware or not, most iPhone users will upgrade the software to get the benefits of iOS9. But it’s still worth noting some key features of the new operating system. The iPhone 6S doesn't have a bigger battery but it does have better battery management, with a low power mode. Other improvements include a better Notes app, which lets you include images and attachments and syncs across iOS devices, the News app which lets you browse a collection of publications in the style of Flipboard, and a smarter Siri including the ability to predict what apps you want to use based on your history.