How To Download Youtube Videos To Computer

How To Download You-tube Videos To Computer :

Hey all how long you are asking this question on Google search just stop your query from today onwards that how to download YouTube videos to computer its very simple to get the videos from the YouTube website to your computer even with out using software or there is no need of separately installing any type od software to install in order to get the videos to your system.

These are the steps involved in order to download YouTube videos:

1)Just open the

2)search your required  YouTube video in your browser(may be chrome)\

3)if this is your YouTube video link -- 
4)Add 'ss' in front of YouTube in the url just like --

5)Just press enter and you will get download option click on the download option

6)That's it your video is now downloading to your computer now.

If you observe the above procedure of downloading YouTube video its very very simple just add SS in front of the required YouTube link see how easy is this process with out using any type of software and there are many types of process that you can download the videos from the but this the simplest and easiest among all of them.

This is how your screen looks after adding SS infront of your Youtube link:

so why you are still searching for the software to download the YouTube videos to your computer just give a try today adding SS in front of the video you want to download and start downloading the favourite video of your choice and one more thing to bring to your notice is you can set the quality of the video before starting downloading the video there are several video quality options available for a youtube video so choose among the required video quality setting like mp3,mp4 and HD youtube videos.Follow the screenshots to better understand that how you can download the videos from youtube to your computer.

This is how you download Youtube videos in Android mobile

This is how you download youtube videos in I phone