How Can I Increase My Milk Supply

How can You Increase Your Milk Supply:

This may be a topic which worries some one or helps some one who are present thinking of this that how I may increase my milk supply. For your milk supply to boost a lot one simply and natural thing you do this just nurse nurse and nurse your baby,what will happen if you nurse your baby when ever he/she is hungry there is a scope for the generation of new milk so this eventually helps in increasing the production of milk supply,so for most of us here ends the question how can i increase my breast milk supply. And one more important point to remember is shift your breasts if you feel that one of your breasts are empty after Nursing your baby.

Ok if frequent nursing doesn't fully solve or increase your breasts milk productivity here are the home remedies that you can follow to increase the milk supply.

1)Drink Water to Improve Milk Supply:

Water is very precious on our planet,why it is precious even though we drink water when we feel thirst,drinking enough water is must for a human being because it we need to maintain the correct PH value to maintain our metabolism and water does the thing for us simply drink water coming to the water as a best remedy to increase milk productivity as water is a liquid our body requires enough water to produce milk for the baby so drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day if you want to increase  milk.

2)Better to Limit Bottle preferences :
A bottle is which we actually usually as a replacement to mother's milk but the way baby takes the milk is different the  sucking of milk during nursing and when we use bottle differs a lot   As a result of this ,offering a bottle can either cause your baby to have problems sucking properly at the breast, or can result in baby preferring the constant faster flow of the bottle.

3)Avoid Pacifiers:
If possible avoid  substituting a pacifier in place of breast feeding while nursing your child  or try to hold the baby off longer between feedings with one.

4)Try Nursing Vacation :

For this to happen you need much time to spend with your child or completely dedicated to your baby and take enough rest while going for nursing vacation first of all you may ask like what is nursing vacation actually.?take your baby (he/she)along with you to bed  for 2-3 days, and do nothing but nurse frequently thats why in starting discusssed you need time for this and rest and you can eat too.

5)Try Pumping of Breasts:
The main motive of doing this pumping is to create a free flow of milk which is a smooth and easy process for the baby to nurse.

6)Maintain Healthy and Balanced diet for good milk supply:
Its very much important to maintain a good balanced diet in order to improve the productivity levels of the milk supply in your body ,you need more nutritious food and more calories when you are feeding than at normal times try to include the foods like plenty of leafy greens which are always a best diet for milk production , good fats  are much needed foods for milk supply  some of the healthy fats that boost the milk supply are 
  • avocado
  • chia seeds,
  • eggs,
  • salmon fish 
  • fresh veggies
  •  nuts and seeds. 

All the suggestions are only suggestions for you may try at home and these are not strict follow guidelines if the problem persists or there is low milk supply immediately consult a doctor.

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