Health Benefits of Drinking Honey with Water,Honey water


Health Benefits of Drinking Honey with Water,Honey water:

Honey is the natural medicine for many health related issues as nature is providing this and honey is not a human made so we can choose or take honey with no doubts at all,but how we will take honey shall we consume it directly if so what will it does and how we can cleverly take honey such a way that it helps more for our health for this there is a great combination of water and honey last week we can seen the health benefits of papaya and health benefits of drinking green tea  let us see what we can get out of taking honey along with water(Luke warm water).

Honey Mixed With Water(Luke warm):

why we choose this combination means our body observes the honey good values and extracts  quickly 
2)Just take one or two table spoons of honey and a glass of luke warm water and mix them well(I mean stir it well) and the output will be a semi fluid like thing now drink this on your empty stomach remember this last point you should do all this on your empty stomach only.
3)Why to do it on empty stomach,do you know honey as the wonderful benefit of burning the fat(vascular or stomach sustained fats).and for this to happen we should include lemon too and thats a seperate topic for now just leave it.

Let us quickly see Health Benefits of Driniking Honey water(we just prepared):

1)Are you suffering from cold,just try this medicine we just prepared yes it gets relief from the cold and bronchitis too and one more interesting thing is it helps in promoting our immune system in a better way.

2)And do you have cough too and this may be the solution too for that actually mixture we prepared honey water helps in cleaning the mucus in our lungs.

3)Helps in the digestion problem (for this its better to drink on empty stomach)many of us in the modern are facing digestive problems because of the food habits we do today )so regularly take this honey water to keep your digestive tract in a good condition.

4)Like green tea has a anti oxidant effect this honey water also have some excellent health benefits this water cleanses our body if we contains any toxic materials.

5)Honey water contains anti bacterial,anti viral,and some anti fungal properties so we dont know what is actually happening under oue body,are we giving enough place to bacteria or virus to spoil us,don't worry drink honey water this may help you a lot..

6)This also helps in uncontrolled urination during nights many will face this problem you may try this as a home made remedy for excess urination during the nights.

7)We already know honey is the best friend of our skin it moist our skin and keeps it smooth and lovely..

Let us watch a video on Benfits of Drinking Honey Water:

Finally what not it is doing for us this will be a great habit if you develop to honey water daily early in the morning on empty stomach.

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