health benefits of black cumin for cooking and health

Do you know the amazing fact about the black cumin seeds in cooking  has even been described as a "miracle herb," and its name in old Latin, "Panacea," means "cure all so it has lot of health benefits if we include this black cumin in cooking.

Traditionally, black cumin has been used for immune-system support in our body black cumin helps to improve our white blood cells which means the immune system it also helps in digestive health, respiratory issues, kidney and liver health, and heart health. In Asia and the Middle East, black cumin seeds have long been used to treat asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases.Let us quickly see health benefits of black cumin for cooking and health.

Black cumin Seeds Helps Fight Cancer:

Cancer cases in the modern day is increasing day by day just because of the life style which modern men is maintaining and the health hazard food habits and lack of physical activity we need intake of appropriate food which helps in optimal metabolism.hymoquinone is one component which acts as anti-cancer and hymoquinone is found in black cumin seeds Research published in Drug Discovery Today concluded thymoquinone has a long history of battling cancer in vitro and in vivo (in "test tube" experiments and animal studies), and modulates 9 of the 10 hallmarks of this hymoquinone helps in fighting cancers like blood,lung,kidney,liver,prostate,cervix,colon and skin.

Black cumin Seeds in Diabetes Control:

Oxidative stress which is one of the cause of diabetes  may decrease the efficiency of pancreatic β cells and Black cumin decreases oxidation stress which is very much helpful  and may preserve the integrity of pancreatic β cells.Thus black cumin seeds helps in control of diabetes.

Heart Health

Consumption of black cumin in your regular food diet or cooking  is associated with lowering of elevated heart rate and blood pressure.Thus helps in good heart by this time you came to know health benefits of black cumin for cooking and health and read also what are the health benefits of cucumber

Black Cumin Seeds helps as a anti obesity agent.

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