Home Remedies for Pink Lips


Home Remedies for Pink Lips

Your face looks attractive and even more beautiful with your pretty and sweet lips. Imagine your fairy face but with dark or say dull lips? I know you don’t even want to imagine yourself in this condition. Some people have natural pick lips they don’t need to work hard on their lips yet they need to maintain that pinkness and shine but for those who have pail and dry lips need a little more attention. Generally the problems of lips are seen in female much more than that in male. So here is the perfect solution for your problem. The solution which we are providing you is not at all expensive even it is very less time consuming and at the same time very effective and natural. So let’s have a look at some our Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Lips and get sweet and shiny pink lips.

The reason for dark lips can be many it can be because of humid temperatures, exposing much in sum, due to stress, low blood circulation, bad quality lipstick smoking, eating tobacco, illness, weather change, hectic lifestyle and many other reasons.

If you want sweet and shiny pink lips naturally you need to treat them properly. Now you need not spend much money on buying cosmetics for lips you can it even without spending money by using home ingredients naturally which don't have side effects.

1. Exfoliate with a toothbrush: The dark color or the dryness in the skin can be due to dead cell present t in the skin. So the best way to remove this dead cell you need to rub it off. Take a tooth brush and rub your lips in a single motion. Generally when you scrub your lips with tooth brush the dead cells present in your skin get rid away and you will get soft and shiny lips. This also helps for proper blood circulation.

2. Make a lip scrub: You can even make a scrub at home with all natural ingredients. This scrub contains sugar and honey which are readily available at home. Combine both sugar and honey in equal quantity and scrub it on your lips for about 30 seconds and wash away. Try to do this process every second day. Which will helps you to get soft
and pink lips naturally.

3. Removing makeup properly: How much costly or branded makeup you use it definitely have some chemicals involve in it. Some timed due to over usage of this make up or not properly removing the make up from lips it will have a bad effect on your lips. Keeping the makeup overnight have cause your lips to get dark and dried up. So whenever you feel it is tough to remove make up take some olive oil which is healthy for kin as well or you can go for almond oil. Take a small ball of cotton place one or two drops of oil and remove your lipstick or liner with the help of it which will do very easily.

4. Wear lip balm with SPF: Always try to use the lip balm which contains SPF in it. The reason for dry lips in sun tan Thus to avoid this always wear a lip balm which in rich in SPF which protects your skin in a sunny day say in beach and all.

5. Quit smoking: The one of the most dreadful reason for dark lips are smoking. So try to quit smoking or at least dry to decrease your habit. The tobacco present in Cigarette can cause stain to your lips so stop taking it if you want to get pink and shiny lips.

6. Drink water: Dehydration could be another reason for dry lips. So the best home remedy for pink lips is drinking plenty of water. This brings moisture to your skin and lips as well. All the other cosmetics and balms will bring moisture from outside but by drinking plenty of water you can hydrate your lips from inside. You should take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

7. Rose Petals: You can also use rose petals as a natural remedy to get pink lips. All you need to do is just taking a rose petal and rub wash it and rub it on your lips do it with at least 4 to 5 pets every day before going to bed. This is how you will get the pink rose like lips within few days.