How To Have Thick Hair | How To Have Thick Hair Faster

How To Have Thick Hair:

Its the common wish for any to have a long thick hair because hair is so important to style ourselves. Hair grows naturally everyday basing open our age,what type of diet we are taking and some genetic conditions do involve in the growth of hair in human beings for to have long and thick hair we should follow some simple careful steps in order to protect our hair and to have thick hair.For some people thick hair is gifted by nature that means from childhood on wards they posses it and some have it but they lose or their hair becomes less due to various reasons like improper diet,lack of good sleep
or mind stress which is the more serious senerio now a days observed in many people and hair fall with respect to age and some hereditary is also one of the reason keeping aside of hair loss if the reason was hereditary we can minimize hair fall by carefully taking care of our hair.

In order to have thick hair prevent splitting and damage:
i)don't ever brush your hair(comb) while it is still wet.

ii)cover your head before going to swimming or getting into sea,beach etc

iii)If you find splits go for a hair cut and avoid too much chemicals to hair

iv)Protect your Hair from sun

Tips to have thick hair:

  • 1)Massage oil on the scalp for 20 minutes and keep a towel on it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with low chemical content shampoo and conditioner.
  • 2)Keep your hair clean always
  • 3)Have a good sleep(minimum 8 hours a day)
  • 4)Eat protein contain food because if your are in good health your hair normally because healthier and leaves healthy thick and long hair.
  • 5)Apply curd mixed with mustard seed powder twice a week to hair,this will helps thicking of your hair.

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