Home Remedies For Burns


Home Remedies For Burns

Generally women when work in kitchen go though small accidents like burs, cuts and small injuries for which it is not necessary to go to doctor but its needed to be given first aide. Instead of giving first aid with medicated products it is always best and healthy to use Home Remedies for Burns. Some time it so happens that generally when you will be coking hot water falls and even sudden burns happens when we will be so confused and messes up that we won’t be in a condition what to apply what not. So for this type condition we have the best Home Made Remedies. Not only women men’s also go through this types of injuries like if fallen from bike, bicycle or shaving cuts etc. 

1. Aloe Vera: Whenever you undergo sudden burns or something hot falls on your skin just cut a piece of Aloe Vera plan and rub it or just put the slices of it on the injured are and leave it for few minutes it’s a best for treating burns n skin allergies. You will feel such a cool feeling and heels you to get relief from your burns. You can even apply aloe Vera gel which is ready made available. Thus Aloe Vera is one of the best Home Remedies For Burns.

2. Honey: The most common Home Remedies which is available in everyone home is Honey. When your skin get burns just cover that are with honey. It will help you to get cool feeling and also your burns marks will also escape. Honey which is raw is a very good antiseptic as it got healing property.

3. Diluted vinegar: The most widely available first-aid for healing burns and scratch marks are Vinegar. Take cotton and dip it in Vinegar and apply to infected area and let it be till it get dry and then again dip again and repeat the process for two to three times, It so happens that the as often you repeat the process you pain increases. The other type of Vinegar which is Healthy is Apple Cider Vinegar.

4. Banana peels: Banana is most healthy fruit which is often recommended by dietitian not only the fruit but the peel of banana is also very useful. All you need to do is just peel off the banana and place the peel on the injured area and keep it till is changes to black in color.

5. Milk: Not only for drinking or used as an ingredient but milk also work as healing solution for burns as the fat and protein content in milk heals the burns. When sudden burns or cuts happens just take a bowl of milk and dip you hand or injured are in it for about 10 minutes surely you gonna feel better. To cool your burn and hydrate your parched skin Plain whole milk yogurt is also beneficial.

6. Tea Bags: Tea contains tannic acid, which try to absorb heat and try to reduce your pain. Take tea bad and dip it in cool water let it get wet and absorb water now place this two to three tea bags in the burn skin which will extract the hotness and leave cool and also absorbs the pain.