Health Benefits of Eating Fish


Health Benefits of Eating Fish

As we all know that fish is the healthiest food that is available on earth. It contains lots of nutrients, fiber and minerals in it. It is also rich in vitamin D. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acid which is one of the important minerals for body and brain development.The Best thing about eating fish is it in low calories at the same time high Proteins which is good for brain. If you are not so found of fish you can just take is once in a week to grab the benefits of it. Thus fish Contains lots of Health Benefits They are.

1. Prevent Cardiac Disease: According to Journal of the American Heart Association found that women who is found of fish and have fish as a part of their diet are occurring 50 percent less heart problem than those who don’t like and take fish. The one who don’t eat fish at all is getting three times more risk of heart problem eating as much as fish as possible could slash blood fat levels as it has omega-3s.

2. Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk: Eating fish even in a little quantity say once in a week can help to preserve your gray-matter neurons — this is that part of the brain which is linked to memory and cognition. Health Benefits of Eating Fish is seen when you eat is baked and boiled fish rather than fried one because fish had larger brains and larger cells in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease can be decreased by larger brain volume according to scientist.

3. Good For Skin: The Health Benefits of Fish is not just limited to brain and heart it also beneficial for skin as well. Due to low fat diet we generally get skin and hair problem. That is the reason it is recommended to have fish which has the omega-3s which has healthy fat if to eat it will be good for your skin. It nourishes your skin and also good to healthy hair. It also deals with skin conditions such as psoriasis.

4. Ease Depression: According to some study when you take omega 3s which is present in fish, along with the medications prescription doctor for antidepressant is very effective and useful to deal with the situation. In women it is also found that taking 300 mg capsule of omega-3s during pregnancy reduced the women’s risk of postpartum depression.

5. Boost Brain Development: Fish which is rich with essential nutrients which is very good for children especially who are at their growth stage because the omega-3s present in it contributes for brain development

6. Asthma: Health Benefits of Eating Fish is to Prevent Asthma in Children. Asthma is a common disease which is caused due to chronic inflammation in the airways.  Rates of asthma have increased especially in children’s in past few decades. According to expert studies eating fish regularly reduces risk of asthma in children about 24 percent.

7. Vision: We might have heard from our elder that fish is good for eyes. But it is acutely true, Fish is essential for good vision even till Old Age. An eye disease called macular degeneration which is generally seen in old people can be treated with fish and not only that vision impairment and blindness can also be treated. Regular consumption of fish was linked to a 42% lower risk of macular degeneration in women