Panasonic Eluga Mark


Panasonic Eluga Mark 

Panasonic a well known of the champion Indian brand which comprehend electronics have sweet its swoop in the mobile industries .it has placed in to orbit many android mobile phones by the whole of multiple features. Now at some future point Panasonic is program to attain the international market by all of some great plans. Panasonic has came up by the whole of a trendy android phone called "Panasonic Eluga Mark" in India .which has abundant features at affordable price. This phone has all the features that a new generation is looking in an android a mobile phone. It is acceptable for household of all age groups.

Features Panasonic Eluga Mark :

1. Panasonic Eluga Mark has 5.5' inch screen by HD screen  and Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor mutually 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage space and its memory can be expanded up to 32 GB.

2. Panasonic Eluga Mark features a 13 mp back end camera by all of LED flash and five megapixel initial cameras.  The battery term is 2500 mAh.

3. Panasonic Eluga Mark has come up by the whole of sensitive finger print scanner at its back. Which boot scan 8 different finger print at one point of time.

4. Not someday it has a mind blowing feature but besides Georges looks which is attracting the customer. It came up by the whole of royal gold and metallic touch.

5. Panasonic Eluga Mark has came up with 4G and mutually a figure which is reasonable and in your budget ,it’s just 11,990.

6. It furthermore provide you perfect security features’, relish BYOD (bring your own device)and  compatibility in case you bounce to operate recover at corporate network.

7. Other than that Panasonic Eluga Mark has further got features like gprs, wifi, EDGE, 3G, GPS, OTG guarantee, Micro USB and Bluetooth.

8. Priority was given virtually to security as for the corporate user’s security and safety of mobile data matters a lot.

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