How to Approach a Girl


How to Approach a Girl

Approaching a girl for the first time has been one of the toughest task for any guy to do. It seems a lot scary. The fear of approaching is because she might dislike you in the very first time and that may result in hatred towards you. This may result in your insult or abuse you in from of others. They can even make it a huge issue by involving a huge no. of crowd around them. That would become a complete different issue. So if you are not proper and good in Approaching a Girl may be known or unknown then the upcoming may result in danger.

We need to be prepared well before we Approach any Girl. Here are some tips for Approaching a Girl in a good manner. Things to remember while you approach a girl is to the one you are approaching may be an unknown or partially known such as friend of friend or neighbor etc. so you have two ways to approach with not much difference. The only thing that differs in the known girl or partially known is that the partially known girl has a little idea about you or knows you little by some source. So the tips to approach a girl in a good way are.

The next and the biggest platform where mostly every guy try to find a girl for his life are the Social networking sites. YES that’s true!! In this generation we have made a lot of virtual friends online than in real. Boys usually find pretty girls on social networking site who has good looks and start making friendship.So you can try this in your real life to Approach a Girl.

Social networking sites like facebook, instagram, twitter,snapchat etc are being used by mostly by the youth of today’s generation. Boys find many pretty girls on these social networks. There are chances of a girl mentioning their mobile phone no. on these social network if not boys try to start a conversation and make their best effort to get the girl's mobile number. So that he could be in touch with her for more time. He could also talk to her on call if not chat too. So this is one type to Approach a Girl.

1. Firstly step to Approach a Girl is to find a girl for you .you can find a pretty girl on instagram, facebook and snapchat etc and send her a friend request. As she accepts your friend request try to have a good conversation about day today activity and current things.

2. And do not forget to praise her beauty; girls mostly get attracted by these things.  Make her comfortable talking to you, do little jokes and mostly be dignified in the manner you talk.

3. Don’t let the conversation become too boring, either changes the topic or close the chat before you become a boring person to her. When you approach a girl thing to remember here is do not get too cheesy with her, nor ask her too many questions. Make it little easy and relaxing.

Few more tips to impress girls are given below:

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