Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally


Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally 

Dark Circles are the results of improper sleep and stress. When you don't have meticulous sleep at night because of work or personal stress, these results in dark circles under your eyes. It figures you face watch dull and it cannot be covered by the whole of makeup as well. The simple and the hasty remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally is given below.

1. Potato juice: The best and less time consuming method to Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally is, take cotton and give it a ball shape. Now take a potato, peal it and take the juice out of it. Now dip that cotton ball in potato juice and keep in on your eyes in such a way that it covers the whole are of dark circles. Repeat it twice a day. Within a week you can see the result.

2. Spoon: One of the simplest methods is take a tea spoon keeps it in the freezer for overnight. Then remove the spoon and place the back portion of the spoon on your eyes and on the area affected with dark circles. Keep if for about two to three minutes and remove and then remove then give a minute gap then place it again, you can even move it or even rub slowly on your dark circles under your eyes. You will definitely see the result.

3. Tomato: Tomatoes are the mostly used for any kind of skin problems as it is skin friendly make your skin soft and also solve all most all types of skin problem. So to Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally  you need to take a bowl add tomato juice and lemon juice in equal proportion and mix it well. Then apply this solution on your dark circles directly with your finger tips or with the help of cotton. Keep it for about 15 minutes and then wash the face. Repeat this twice a day and for at least a week to get good results.

4. Orange: Orange as we all know is a healthy fruit which is good for skin. Not only its pulps or its juice but also its skin is also used for curing many skin diseases. All you need to do is take one orange and squeeze it take the juice out of it. If you want you can directly apply it but it would be even more effective if you mix few drops of glycerin in it. Apply this on your dark circles and on to your eyes as well. This will reduce your Get Rid of Dark Circles Naturally and also give your eyes a glamorous look.

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