Cool Whatsapp Status!!!!


"Cool Whatsapp Status"

Whatsapp is one of the most used social networking app in today's which teens occupy the highest number of users.The two things most exciting about whatsapp other than its chat feature is the display picture & "Cool Whatsapp Status" although the primary use of a status is to notify or inform your friends & family about your current status going on weather you are busy or variable or at movies etc but mostly teens, children as well the elders now a days use it for their own purpose.

They use "Cool Whatsapp Status" it update their mood or the latest thing they are up to. How ever majority of youth use it in a very cool & fashionable manner they update quotes, jokes, song lyric, events etc.

some people update "Cool Whatsapp Status" for everyday or every hour, they are intimately involved in whatsapp that they give their time for making their status best.Few people also update "Cool Whatsapp Status" that makes the reader confuse or insulted(embarrassed).Some of the "Cool Whatsapp Status" that you can find are:

1. build your status before reading mine.
2. my status is always high
3. loading...
4. typing...
5. hi there ! i am not using whatsapp :p
6. life is short... smile while you have teeth.
7. unless your name is google stop acting as if you know everything.
8. Totally available !! please disturb me !! 
9. how come wrong numbers are never busy ? :P
10. a smile suits every kind of clothes 

"Cool Whatsapp Status" is the most important than profile picture now a days, people focus more on the status than the picture so that they could get to know their friends mood quickly. it also helps people if only it was used for its primary purpose to let friends and family know their status of becomes easy task to call or text that person by seeing their status.

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