Best Tourist Places in India


Best Tourist Places in India 

India is filled with places of tradition and religion. Every historical monument has its own beautiful story and biography which is again related to our historical characters. So here are some of the beautiful places of interest which is historical as well as tourist placed loved by foreigners as well and each has its own background stories. Let’s have a look at some of Best Tourist Places in India.

Taj Mahal:
when you walk from such end to the other the snazzy pool surrounded by for the most part of mausoleum crafted in peaceful & clear marble and stunning precious stones is immovable the overmuch elegant and figure of love "Taj Mahal". Where you acknowledge that a paradise has been bough on earth by a loving husband Sharjah for her beautiful wife and queen of his life Mumtaz. Taj Mahal is situating in Agra. The polished Taj Mahal is constrained up of all precious marbles and awesome sculpture .It’s a best example of mogal architecture which took practically 32 million Indian rupees whose today figure would be approximately around 52.8 billion Indian rupees. People from all the countries appreciate to visit Taj Mahal especially with their life partners to get a romantic feel and rejuvenate there love. This is not only a tourist place but further included as one of the wonder in the seven wonder of world.

The Red Fort:
This has been constructed in 16th century which is located in Delhi is one of the Best Tourist Places in India. This was not only the residence of mogal emperor but also their political center. It has many numbers of museums in it named as red fort for its enormous red walls. it is located in the center of Delhi adjoining to older Salimgarh Fort. People of historical interest like to visit Red Fort and especially for school children and college students this would be the place of knowledge and treasure of the Indian history.

Gate Way of India:
It is located in Mumbai build during British rule in the city of Maharashtra state. It located at water edge of Mumbai harbor at the end of Chhatrapati Shivaji Marg. It was used as a landing place for British governors and other outstanding people attract many tourist is the Best Tourist Places in India . Previously this was the only place to visit for one who visited Mumbai by boat. This spot which catch top tourist attraction. The Gateway was later the liturgical entrance to India for representative and the new delegates of Mumbai.

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