What Should I Do Today ?


What Should I Do Today?? or What Should we Do Today??:

Is these serious questions running on your mind today? if  so stop thinking that what should I do today   There are several options you show some interest towards this topic.

You Should Do Book Reading (Routine)// Go For Fishing(new interesting thing to do)::

Are you a good reader ?? If so just get a nice book of your interested genre which pays your time and Im sure that those who love reading will love today also to do the same and are you thinking of something new  and creative this time Then you can think of Fishing .Hahahaha it sounds funny or what yes I do when im bored but it happens provided if you the resources like first thing you should have a lake near by.But Believe it fills your day with a most memorable event you will ask or visit my suggestions again and again if you do this.

Watch A Movie in your Laptop(Routine)//Buy a Pet Animal(Aquarium or a pet dog-- new interesting thing to do)::

If you wanna do a routine thing for this day just open your laptop or stick to your favourite television channel and watch a movie or a program you usually like but this makes your day routine if your idea is to do something special for this day here is the second option for you,get a nice puppy to your home or an aquarium   and howz my idea??This idea really makes day not only for today you will have fun for too time I think your question what should I do Today most probably ends here if not read few more suggestions..

Feel as a Artist(Not Routine may be)// Take a Camera Hanging on your Neck(new interesting)::

Take a pencil and kindly sharp it with a sharpener may be and on a white paper feel as if your an artist sketch something if everything goes on well the output may makes you happiest person in the world for today so here your questions ends I think so what should I do Now?? If you wont like a sketch to draw or lazy enough to do so then Take a nice camera from the rack and hang it on your neck go out to a nice nature location and what's you still looking for capture this awesome God's creation and show it to all by posting on your Facebook wall get the maximum Likes....

Is work out your daily routine(If not try today)::

Work out may not be a very interesting thing to do but do it for today for the self sake,actually workout should be a daily routine if not in your case try if for today..
Clean Your Body(Smelling something new ???)::

 This option may be smelling new to you did you check your arm pits?? go immediately and clean your arm pits completely remove your nails.

Go for Swimming(Assuming you didn't have a own swimming pool):: 

Assuming you didn't have a own swimming pool at your home go for a swimming pool today that will refresh you as a whole,find a nearest swimming pool,this will also helps in your metabolic activity good for your health too but going for only this day wont help you much as your question should have an answer you can choose as one of the option for the question what should I do today....
How many of you know Cooking::

hey I'm not saying about to cook every,just search your kitchen for today just open a Youtube video of your most liked recipe and start cooking gather all your ingredients to have a delicious meal for today .

Take a Mirror Test(New and Interesting)::
Just stand in front of your mirror and act or pretend or imitate as a person whom you most like or most hate,Just observe yourself for just 15 minutes and you will see completely a new person whom you never meet may be this is the best option for what should i do today..

Some more things you should do today if you feel bored::

2)Play with Kids(Gives lots of fun and Happiness )
3)Watch a Horror movie(provided you are brave enough)
4)Open your Childhood Note Book(what an Idea sir jii)
5)Visit poor people if any you find near by and Donate some thing like clothes and food(I'm sure you will feel your heart filled )
6)Wash your clothes keep aside of washing machine for today
7)Go for shopping 

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