Should I Get A Divorce ?,Check With the Points To Decide toGet A Divorce

Should I Get A Divorce?? Is this your Question on Mind About Divorce

Hey how many of the married couples are thinking about this question in your mind that should i get a divorce?? is this your exact question then before answering about the question or even thing about it first of all we should analyse few things before committing to any decision of this serious issue should i get a divorce.If you get such a type of thinking in your mind this shows there is a serious problem going on between both the couple,starting diagnosing the problem whether(he/she) you are responsible for undergoing this situation or your partner but never make a decision to simply go for a divorce and make this relationship a meaning less one when you got a question like taking divorce or applying for divorce the most important things you should think of

1)Go to you respective elders talk about the matter.

2)Self access the problem(who is responsible and how much is the discomfort level with the partner)

3)Check if its Ego doing this(should i get a divorce ):
Because in most of the cases of divorce in this modern world Ego is the biggest reason for a couple applying or choosing to seperate check more clearly if this is doing the mess.If this is the casue you should shut up all the bad thinking from the mind and the one who are with this thought should stop all at once.Due to the independent earning and self living capabilities in the present world ego is playing main role between the married couples.

4)Indian marriage is a good example for perfect living once married a couple should live together for ever actually there is no concept like divorce initailly,but this is not like seperating from your partner is a sin.But the reason for sepearting is a important here untill and unless there is no other alternate for divorce one should not go for the divorce.

5)Think about your children future(you definitely withdraw your thimking now)

6)Concentrate on Godly Things:

yes if you are really facing problems with your partner in married of life sharing then God is your ultimate choice,Hope is the one thing we live by so keep your seld divine move outyour mood in Divinely things this automatically sets your relationship for happy living.

7)If the Reason is contionus Harrasement :

then arragne a counselling for your partner with by whom they will atleast Listen.

8)Just bring the memories back of your Happy living suitvations you have shared in the past this bring a change in your partner may be .Make her/him know the value of yours and make him/her understand the love you show on them.....

Final conclusion about should i get a divorce ??
untill and unless there is no other alternate you find after trying all the methods available ways some mentioned about one should not go for the divorce.

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