How To Have Long Hair

How To Have Long Hair:

Face is the first recognition to us but hair is the one of the key which brings beauty to us generally all of us want to have long and strong hair especially women want to have long hair instead they ask more queries about how to have long hair with home made remedies or some simple solutions below are the some of the ways that you can follow to have a long and healthy hair

1)As many of you know hair needs c vitamin for its growth and maintenance to be sure that while your taking food add c vitamin foods like Lemon,tamarind juice used items,Amla(fruit can eat directly)which is also called as “Indian gooseberry,” is a good supplement of c-vitamin,Red Pepper,Strawberries,Greenly leaves,straw berries,vegetables like cauliflower,broccoli contain good amount of vitamin-c .so eat these items often in your diet to have long and strong hair this is an internal tip because hair do need go supplement from inside of your body.

2)Protecting your hair from damage is the first thing you should do before thinking of how to get long hair for you because if hair damages or spilts it is quite impossible to get or maintain long hair for to maintain healthy hair here are some tips to follow.

  • i)Never comb your hair when it is wet
  • ii)And comb your hair with wide and long toothed hair comb
  • iii)protect your hair from exposure to sun this makes your hair dry and this leads to breakage of hair
  • iv)protect from dust this is a severe reason why so many are losing their hair at very early age,if the outer scalp is affected by the bacteria then hair cuts off,this is all due to dust to always keep your hair clean.
  • v)As in a want to keep your hair clean do wet your hair always this is also a bad approach.

3)Apply natural homemade or some quality manufacturer coconut oil and heat the oil slightly(warm) and apply to hair.massage with your finger for 15 minutes for good penetration of oil.

4)Mix olive oil and coconut oil and apply it for hair thrice a week olive oil or almond oil are good nourishment for your hair.

5)Proteins are the building blocks of our body which are in turn combination of amino acids. proteins are the essential components in the body for growth this applies for hair also in order to have long hair you should concentrate on rich protein diet.To do that follow so of the proteins foods available in your daily in take.

  • i)Milk is the best product of protein so drink milk daily if possible
  • ii)Fish,Meat and eggs contain good proteins content to repeat them in a week.
  • iii)For those who are vegetarians take green leafy foods,beans etc.

6)Rest is the one of the important issue in the growth of hair so sleep for 7-8 hours a day and keep your self relaxed and stress free as possible as you can.

7)Blood supply to the hair follicles is important in long hair growth so massage your head alternative days with oil  and keep a towel over your head after massage for five minutes abd you can wash your hair after one hour or do this thing at night time and wash in the morning.

8)Avoid shampoo with too much chemicals in fact you can go for natural preparations for cleaning hair like Reetha guice which we use for better results in getting long hair.

These are some of the tips that can help growing hair long so follow the above steps to get long hair  
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How To Have Long Hair

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