How Many Times I Can Shampoo My Hair For A Week

How Many Times I Can Shampoo My Hair For A Week?

May be many of us having this question in your mind but how times to wash your hair in a week depends upon few factors like your hair type and the environment your living in and the present condition of your hair(silky,oily,dry etc).

 Some points to consider while going for shampoo in a week

  •  1)check whether your staying in a polluted area that means frequently if your hair is exposed to pollution you should wash your hair regularly say thrice a week.

  •  2)Many will face oily scalp but dry hair problem this is a special case because sebum will be generated on the scalp and our hair will become  life less and dry gives a nasty look to us in this case we thought to shampoo daily in order to avoid oily scalp but this is not a right solution for that because if you go for cleaning your hair daily then all the natural oils from your scalp will get away and in order to compensate  that your scalp will produce more oil(sebum)this is too worst case,this results in itching and more oily scalp that's why avoid daily washing   your hair if you think your scalp is too oily then wash your hair in alternate days and remember to apply coconut hair oil regularly, one important point for oily scalp is if you avoid putting oily thinking that your scalp is already oil this increases problem your scalp produces more oil as you are not externally providing so there is a chance that applying natural coconut oil stops oily scalp problem.

  •  3)For those who are suffering from dry hair just give preference to gently massage of your hair with olive oil with your fingers and wash your hair for just once or twice a week and better apply olive oil and natural coconut oil alternate days.
  •  4)For dandruff using shampoo each day is not a solution as we think washing our hair daily keeps it clean but actually it makes hair week just take care to avoid dust cover your head with a cloth when you are going outside and dont over expose your hair to sun.
  •  5)Always use mild shampoo's in a week or when ever you use.
  •  6)If you didn't find and hair fall or hair weakness even you are doing shampoo daily or more frequently in a week then you can continue that  your hair is suitable for that.
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