How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You,10 Tips to Make your BF wants your more


How To Make Your Boyfriend Wants  You :

Hey girls are you seriously involved in thinking about how you can turn your boyfriend to your side its not a big task but not too simply,just simple careful tips may help you in turning your boyfriend to your side.what are the reasons your boyfriend wants you more than anyone ?  that is just because He feels that you care more about Him than others the effection between you too is different when compared to others.And in the last post we discussed top tips to impress a girl at school

Smiling face is the most important to make your Boyfriend Wants  You.

10 Tips that make your boyfriend wants you:

1)Care more about Him: Just consider most of the events in which they are going to happen in your partner life listen to Him patiently what ever He says to you and suggest or guide Him if He needs your advice.

2)Always Support His Voice: This is the most important thing which draws your boy friend attention towards you,a boy usually likes some one who always supports His voice,voice in the sense not the sound but what ever He says you feel right go with his word.

3)Gift Him Often: This shows your affection towards Him,this is not a mandatory thing to do but just Give away some gifts to Him on particular occasions like Gift of His Birthday or the day you first met or any other event you feel you can present.

4)Spend enough time with Him: Boys like girls spending time with them giving the impression that you likes His company over the time,this will bring closer and closer to you.

5)Talk about Him a Lot : Yes this trick works for you in order to make your boy friend want you more   boys do like praising them,because they too are human beings so make a lot of conversation on Him like you look manly and your voice is so nice to hear and I like spending time with you these are the things which make with tied up with which is not easy to break any more.

6)Offer Him The food which is made by you: This shows how much interest do you have on Him,just make a delicious meal and invite home to your home and offer the meal for that day this makes your boy friend wants you more.

7)Tell Him that He is your Courage : Just expalins Him how much you depends on Him,this will make him understand that you totally depends on Him so the responsibility towards you will increase so ultimately makes your boy friend wants you.

8)Use a nice apparel and Perfume when ever you meet : This is very very important as you meet often see that you look good and smart and you smell excellent because those are your secret prints of blue prints which shows your resemblance.

9) Be Humours while  you Talk : Be humours in the sense laugh  or react to him rightly like when he plays a joke half like a hell but dont do too much because boys like their girls to laugh so boys always tries to makes her Girl friend laugh so keep a smiling face and make a funny moments all the time with your boyfriend and this is most important among all to make your BF wants you more.

10)Consider Talks about the next meeting: when ever you are about to leave of a meeting just consider remembering him for the next meeting and plan for a different places which your boyfriend likes most this will also makes your boyfriend wants you more.

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