How to Impress a Girl On Chat


How to Impress a Girl On Chat:

This is what the question running on your mind How to Impress a Girl On Chat? But the Answer for this question How to Impress a Girl On Chat is quite depends from a girl to girl,first you need to understand the mind of the particular girl you are chatting with.And if you are very starter in talking to a girl you may read how to start a conversation chat a girl these are basics.

What Ever May Be chatting platform 

Whether you are chatting with the girl in Facebook,Instagram or Whatsapp chatting what ever the chatting platform may be in order to impress the girl on chat you need to smart enough to win heart,not always praising a girl makes the work done for you. You should chat according to the present condition and observe how the girl is reacting when you make her flatter.

you may ask the girl some questions for example if the girl whom you are chatting had a break up recently you can ask some thing like this How can you describe your past relationship in one word?And in order to win her attention towards you in the chat you have to give her some best compliments and if you don't know what are the best compliments to give a girl to impress her you can read here.

Questions to Ask a Girl in a Chat?

  • How can you describe yourself  in one word so this makes to think about themselves this may work out for some girls whom you are chatting with.
  • Grab the attention of her by asking what makes for comfortable and make sure always that you never cross her comfort zone.
  • If you girl you are chatting is your school mate then you made read tips to impress a school girl.
  • If you are speaking language is Hindi can see tips to impress a School Girl In Hindi.
  • Ask her about the wishes she had in her life and what she is doing for that,the way you chat should sense a caring feel and touch and you need to be sincere in that rather than just pretending
  • Most of the Girls likes the Boys who cares for them so give a sense of caring in your chat.
  • Don't leave them in middle of chat spare her some attention.
  • Initiate the chat,ask few questions like How is your day in chat,and explain a funny incident of yours in that day so that you may make her laugh,because not only girls every person likes a person who is humours so the same case with a girl whom you are chatting and want to impress the girl on chat so be humours.
  • Along with asking questions to the girl on chat,just ask her to guess the favourite picture of her which you like the most.
  • May be for example if she uploads a album in Facebook just ask her to guess the picture what you like the most among the album,this shows that you are giving her most preference and attention in the chat.
  • If you are chatting in the Whatsapp we have a special post on how to start a conversation chat with a girl in whatsapp.
  • Thus by having your ideas and reacting according to the behaviour on chat you can impress a girl on chat,what ever the conversation in the chat with girl just make her comfortable.
  • Now if you are ok on chat with a girl,you may know the tips to how to talk to a girl.

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