Home Remedies for White Hair


Home Remedies for White Hair 

White hairs are not just limited to old people in today’s word of pollution and dusty air even in young people and even in teenagers we are finding the problems of White Hairs. The reasons for cause of white hairs are many. Like today’s generation guys are using harmful chemical gels and sprays on hair to get stylish and funky look. But how ever branded these products may be it will definitely let hair problems in long terms.

The Causes of White Hairs can be due to many reasons like
> Genetic
> Medical Condition
> Excess Expose to sunlight
> Hormones imbalance

The Best way to get rid of White Hairs is to use Home Remedies. So here are the few Home Remedies for White Hair 

1. Henna
2. Curry Leaves
3. Quit Smoking
4. Antioxidants
5. Thyroid

1. Henna: The first and the foremost Home Remedies to get rid of White Hair is henna. It is use since our ancestor’s time and it is also effective. First take one cup of water and add half tablespoon of tea powder in it and let if cook for about minutes and then remove and extract water out of it. Then take natural henna in bowl and add lemon juice and black tea mixture that we made earlier mix well and apply on your hairs by parting your hair layer after layer. Let it dry for about an hour or two and rinse off.

2. Curry Leaves: Take coconut oil which is another best Remedies for White Hair and let it get heated up and once it get heated up wash curry leaves and pour it in the oil and let the both ingredients cook for  to 10 minutes stir regularly and then take off. Now let it cool down then extract oil out of it. You can even store this oil for future in a bottle.

3. Quit Smoking: Sometimes the reason for black hairs turning white could be because of smoking. So try to reduce your smoking habit and gradually quit smoking to gain black and strong hair.

4. Antioxidants: the causes for this are stress and tension. The solution for this is also easy you can load your antioxidants by taking fruits like grapes, Berries and even green leafy vegetables. Green tea is also an option as there are lots of Health Benefits of Green Tea

5. Thyroid: Sometimes due to changes or fluctuations in the thyroid level your hair started getting dull and white. So you always need to check your thyroid level and take regular medicines as prescribed.Health Benefit of Broccoli is that it is good for dealing with thyroid.

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