PM Modi dines with Fortune 500 CEOs


PM Modi dines with Fortune 500 CEOs.

Here are the Second Visit to US Highlights of Narendra Modi as He met the Fortune 500 company CEO's as he cleared the doubts about the tax benefits and various other issues.

As we know that our prime minister Modi called the nation for "Make In India" which to increase the self productivty and self Income as a reason He dines with the  with Fortune 500 CEOs especialy to invites them to 'Make in India'.

NEW YORK: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with  top CEOs in the US, listing the various sectors that India has opened up for investments for their business developement and growth and inviting the US business leaders to 'Make in India'.programme a very successful one.

"Reform in governance is my number 1 priority Mr Modi said in that meeting. We are for simplified procedures, speedy decision making, transparency and accountability," Modi told the top 47 CEOs from the Fortune 500 companies whom he met over dinner on Thursday 24th september 2015.

"FDI all over the world has fallen but in India it increased by 40 percent. This reflects confidence in the Indian economy," the Prime Minister said.

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